Daily Announcements

                                        District UIL Results
                                        December 2, 2014

5th Grade - Art Smart                       5th Grade Music Memory
Miquel Tebo - 3rd                               Emma Cantu - 3rd Grade 
Emma Cantu - 8th                              Team Results - 3rd Place
Pete Perez - 13th
Leighandra Zapata - 17th                   
Darrian Torres - 19th                          
Team Results - 4th Place

2nd Grade Creative Writing             3rd Grade Ready Writing
Belen Torres - 3rd                               Emily Balboa - 3rd
Olivia Garza - 5th                                Laura Cantu - 5th
Noah Robledo - 6th
                                                            5th Grade Ready Writing
4th Grade Ready Writing                  Angelia Gonzales - 2nd
Mackenzie Sanders - 2nd                   Emma Cantu - 5th
Nash McQuagge - 6th                         Anneyce Lillie - 6th

                                         District UIL Results
                                         December 6, 2014

1st Grade Oral Reading                    
2nd Grade Oral Reading
Kadrian Perez - 5th                             Matthew Carballeira - 5th
Madison Lopez - 8th                           Mikayla Carrillo - 6th
                                                            Bryan Martinez - 7th

3rd Grade Oral Reading                   
4th Grade Oral Reading
Laura Cantu - 7th                               Austin Utley - 4th
Makayla Lopez - 8th                           Nash McQuagge - 6th
Kaylee Bazan - 9th                             Mackenzie Sanders - 8th

5th Grade Oral Reading                   
1st Grade Storytelling
Pete Perez - 3rd                                 Ava Hofstetter - 1st
Emily McAnear - 5th                           Kadrian Perez - 2nd
Karlee Hinojosa - 6th                          Joshua Martinez - 3rd

2nd Grade Storytelling                     
3rd Grade Storytelling
Madison McQuagge - 2nd                  Makayla Lopez - 2nd
Raylee Montez - 3rd                           Laura Cantu - 7th
Mikayla Carrillo - 8th

1st Grade General Math                   2nd Grade General Math
Casandra Cerda - 1st                         Olivia Garza - Tied for 5th
Keon Torres - 4th                               Miley Wallace - Tied for 5th
Treycie Lerma - 7th                            Team Results - 3rd Place
Team Results - 1st Place

3rd Grade General Math                  4th Grade General Math
Makayla Lopez - 1st                           Mackenzie Sanders - 3rd
Team Results - 4th Place                 Eric Sharber - 6th
                                                           Team Results - 3rd Place

5th Grade General Math                   
4th Grade Chess Puzzles
Abel Bazan - 4th                                 Eric Sharber - 5th
Miquel Tebo - 5th                                Team Results - 3rd Place
Team Results - 2nd Place

5th Grade Dictionary Skills              2nd Grade Number Sense
Pete Perez - 2nd                                 Gabriel Bazan - 3rd
Kara Carpenter - 6th
Team Results - 3rd Place

4th Grade Number Sense                 
5th Grade Number Sense
Eric Sharber - 5th                                Abel Bazan - 5th
Team Results - 2nd Place                 Lavelle Barrera - 6th
                                                            Team Results - 3rd Place

3rd Grade Music Memory                  4th Grade Music Memory
Stephanie Flores - 5th                          Lorena Rodriguez - 4th
Team Results - 2nd Place                  Mackenzie Sanders - 6th
                                                             Team Results - 2nd Place

5th Grade Listening Skills                
4th Grade Art Smart
Sky-Marie Trevino - 1st                       Isabella Lane - 4th
Pete Perez - 3rd                                  Team Results - 3rd Place
Team Results - 1st Place

2nd Grade Spelling                           
3rd Grade Spelling
Matthew Carballeira - 2nd                   Makayla Lopez - 2nd
                                                            Team Results - 3rd Place

4th Grade Spelling                            
5th Grade Spelling
Isabella Lane - 3rd                              Abel Bazan - 3rd
Kaylynn Kifer - 6th                              Lavelle Barrera - 4th
Team Results - 2nd Place                Sky-Marie Trevino - 5th
                                                           Team Results - 1st Place

5th Grade Social Studies                5th Grade Calculator
Kara Carpenter - 3rd                         Kara Carpenter - 4th
Julian Martinez - 5th                          Andy Perez - 5th
Team Results - 2nd Place               Emma Cantu - 6th
                                                          Team Results - 2nd Place

5th Grade Maps, Graphs & Charts
Emily McAnear - 5th
Team Results - 3rd Place

                                        2ND PLACE OVER ALL

Attached is the Freer ISD Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

Student Handbook 2014.pdf

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